The Australian People’s Party (APP) supports transparent, accountable and honest government. We are a centrist party. Neither supporting left or right wing ideologies but commonsense policies and ideas.

Our party supports politicians who make decisions for the good of the country and all Australians not for their own self-interest, ideology, financial donors or to buy votes.

At the next Federal Election Australians have a choice to make: continue with the status quo or vote for a fairer, sustainable and better Australia for all Australians. You have a choice in the Australian People’s Party.

Some say we can’t form government because we are too small. But, we can work towards taking a balance of power position with other AFMP member parties and we can influence the decisions being made and avoid bad laws being introduced.

If you carefully examine laws introduced by the major parties, none of them provide voters with detailed analysis of the impacts of those laws. Nor do they show how those laws reward their supporters or donors. What have they got to hide?

At the next Federal election we need your support to send a message to the major parties we have had enough. Ensure whichever party wins, they do not control the house or the Senate and support our candidates.

As our party name indicates, we are people just like you, representing you and your family, your aspirations and a fair go for all.

We encourage you to read our policies, become a member or supporter and to vote for the Australian Peoples Party’s Candidates.